March, 2021

I chose to redesign the Pocket app. at first I'll review the main screens from my perspective and then will suggest my alternative

What is pocket?

Pocket is a mobile App and web service for saving articles and videos from the web for future reading.

Play audio feature

Visual problem

The headphone icon is unknown to users as an audio definition. We must make every effort to make sure the user does not have to think or work hard to understand the interface.

UX problem

Clicking on the icon leads us to a different but similar screen. I was already in my list screen and I’ve already chosen which article to read/listen to. After clicking the audio icon I will have to find my articles again.

Discover screen

1. The filter - only 15 options of general topics here and not personalized
2. The content is also not personalized, random and not tailored to my interests.
3. Kebab Menu - The only action that is within the menu is to report the item, which does not justify hiding it inside a kebab menu.

Nav bar menu

The main common user flow in Pocket is concentrates on ‘My list’ and ‘Discover’.
Additionally the search screen is empty and doesn’t including any suggestions or recommendations.
For these reasons there is no justice to place the search on it's own screen


I know that many companies or employees are sharing case studies of their product, So my first step in my research was to look for it because it can save a lot of time in making assumptions and getting real insights.
I found Jen Wibs’s medium article, Product designer in pocket.
According to Jen, 50% of the content users saved are never open.
Then he is talking about exploring alternative ways that users could “read” the stories in their list. Audio immediately surfaced as a distinct possibility, Unfortunately this is a low sound quality.
For me, a lot of information are missing here:
1. Did they think about other alternatives? especially because their survey discovered that:   "the quality of the spoken voice was the primary attractor and detractor for listening to written content."
2. What happened in the interviews? What did they ask? what the users say?
In my research I learned also what the competitors are doing different


User goals

In today's world, people want to save everything just to escape the FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Business Goal

To increase user's engagement

Increase  engagement with gamification

As a result I learned a lot about increasing user's engagement by gamification, I learned about Octalysis framework. I discovered that almost every app use at least some of gamification even when it's not visible


Win points from:

Number of stories you read

Ownership / Shop with your points

Save stories forever
Increase your pocket to save more stories

Limited time and space for saved stories

When the doors may be closed, Users will be more motivated to take advantage of the opportunity

introducing the Discover screen

Add and read reviews